Social Responsibility

Social Responsibilities

CTSI Logistics embraces its obligation to help preserve and protect our environment. The issues of climate change, pollution and deforestation are all intertwined with the way corporations conduct business in today’s world. The company is determined to play its part in conservation and the reduction of carbon emissions by adapting to new, more efficient and lean ways of doing business; and by educating and enabling our people to be responsible stewards of change.

Even in its earlier years in the western pacific, CTSI Logistics, led by its CEO Jerry Tan, has been involved in activities that bridge the gap between businessmen and local communities. From crisis and calamity response, to outreach activities, CTSI Logistics has always been a reliable partner for progress.

Service To The Community
We believe in going beyond Corporate givings and donations as a way of giving back to the communities where our businesses are situated. As a company that has been a partner for growth with businesses across the Western Pacific, we immerse ourselves in the communities as volunteers, and engage people and organizations to help find realistics solutions to social concerns. CTSI Logistics worldwide is also committed to environmental protection and sustainability. In small and big ways, we doo our part to make this world a better place for future generations.